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Mark Schwartz is the CEO of, a brand new and technically powerful crowd funding platform, specifically designed to fund paranormal projects, such as films, books, research, expeditions, & inventions of the "unknown." He has been a producer of online content and video production for over 14 years. His background includes producing, directing, writing, editing video, as well as developing content marketing strategies across all aspects of the social media spectrum, in order to help enhance targeted client visibility.

Mark has produced everything from film, television, commercials, and created social strategy for cable networks, technologies, automobiles, and authors. The laundry list includes: Cisco, Zynga, CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, MTV, and Audi to name a few. He was the Senior Producer at Rooftop Media, which was recently acquired by Amazon's subsidiary, Audible in October, and 3 weeks ago, his latest social media strategy and content marketing campaign helped land the author on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list, where it still presides today.

Mark was also a pioneer in the development of ITVML technology, the Interactive Television Mark-Up Language, which is currently being used in the new online interactive video space. In 2010, Mark helped create the ‘Glee Super-Fan Experience’, which featured a brand new integration of video and social media, lived on, and nominated for the Primetime Interactive Media Emmy Award. In 2011, Mark helped build a social media video campaign for Audi, which was nominated for the 2011 IAB MIXX Award.

Mark holds a B.A. in Directing and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. His newest venture,, plans to showcase the thousands of fringe science, conspiracy, and paranormal projects that get buried by other crowdfunding platforms, giving them a voice, and the opportunity to be discovered and funded by a much larger audience. TruthFunders will offer some of the most off the wall projects, and will be offering several features that currently unavailable on other crowdfunding platforms.

Crowd Funding For Truth Seekers and the True Believers

It can’t be ignored that the paranormal has become a large part of our culture. Every week 14 million people watch TV, listen to the radio, and tune into podcasts, with the paranormal as the subject matter. From professional UFO and ghost hunters, to average callers discussing unexplained events in their personal lives, the paranormal is being documented, filmed, and discussed now more than ever.

Truth Funders was created by true believers, and born from the idea to take the exploration of truth to the next level. We exist to give hunters of the unknown (ufologists, cryptozoologists, ghost hunters, researches, conspiracies, psychics and more), the financial stability to fund the truth. We want you to tell your story, enable the community to answer bigger questions, and take on larger investigations.

Truth Funders is here to help open up the minds of everyone around us. By developing a supportive community of people that believe in the unknown, we can finance the truth, collect more proof, connect the dots, and unite our thoughts in a way that we have never been able to do before.

Do you have a paranormal novel that you’ve been dying to write? A message from the beyond that you want to share? A documentary or movie that needs to be told? Need to hire expert scientists to prove or disprove evidence? Want to fund a program for the metaphysical? Now you have place to do just that.

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Mark Schwartz the CEO of TruthFunders joind me to talk about his newest project. If you are into the Paranormal and looking for a way to get your project funded this is a must show.

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