Storm Reign Of Power Ball Review
By Tina Marie Caouette

Before I get into the heart of my review please take a moment to look over my Drill Sheet as well as the picture of the layout. I use these sheets for my records. If you have any questions please feel free to post them below and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. Also, keep in mind that what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Please consult a qualified Pro Shop or Coach to help customize a layout for your game. Initial test was done on a typical house shot, however I did throw a few on a longer modified house shot as well and will additionally add my thoughts.

My personal specs:
Hand: Left
PAP: 4 ¾” over 1/8” up.
Speed: 18-19 MPH
Rev Rate: 325-350 (Tweener)
Dual Angle Drilling: 50 x 3 ¾” x 73

The Reign of Power comes from the Thunder Line which is Storm’s middle of the road line. Many fans of the Hy-Road are familiar with this as it also comes from this line. The Reign of Power has the same RG as the Hy-road at 2.57; however the Reign of Power has a slightly higher Differential at 0.048. This ball is a solid reactive featuring the Progressive Fiction Technology (PFT) with a C.A.M. weight block. I left the surface for the first few shots at the factory 1000 grit pad.

Due to my ball speed I tend to like things that rev up faster with a smoother transition off the end of the pattern. My opening first few shots with this ball was surprising. Even with the 1000 grit surface the ball had no problem making it through the heads without losing energy. Those with a slower ball speed or higher rev rate might find that it picks up too earlier and they’ll need to bring the surface up a bit or go with a different pin placement.

When the ball hit the end of the pattern and found friction it was as if someone turned on a light switch for the core to take over. The ball made a powerful motion to the pocket with plenty of continuation through the pins without bleeding energy at all. For me, this ball allowed me to play the oil line right down the boards. Why is this great? If I made an error left it had no problem recovering, but if I pulled the shot in it just set without over reacting.

I played with surface adjustments bring the ball all the way up to 4000 Abralon. As I brought the surface up it allowed me to migrate further left and straighter up the boards. Now, those with slower ball speeds or higher rev rates might need to do this right out of the box. For me, as the surface went up the ball got a little too long and too angular. The stronger motion off the pattern caused me to leave many solid 8 pins. Yet, when I tried to modestly get nearer the oil line it over shot the break point. I find I truly liked the factory 1000 grit with my ball speed on the THS. On a longer pattern I would drop it down to 500 Abralon so it would pick-up earlier or wait and go to this later in the day when the shot opens up with no surface adjustments. When I tried The Reign of Power with the factory finish on a longer pattern I left many 7 pins as the ball just didn’t check up early enough with my speed. However, the reaction was fine come the end of the day.

As you can see in my layout we have the pin slightly under my ring finger and bounced the CG a tad out. We drilled the IQ Tour, which I will post later, very similar. We had to add a weight hole to bring it back legal. This was placed on my VAL line and down 1 ½” as I wanted the ball to transition just a tad sooner. We had to go with a 51/64 drill bit and 2 ½” down to bring it back within legal limits. Initially we went with a smaller bit and not so deep but I didn’t want it being so close to legal. We also had to pitch the weight hole slightly back ¼ with no lateral pitches.

If you have the Hy-Road and you are looking for a ball that will compliment your arsenal this Reign of Power is for you. I really like the fact I could get diverse playable looks with straightforward surface adjustments. High speed and low rev players with love this on Medium Patterns. Slow ball speed and high rev players with love this on Medium to Heavy patterns. The versatility and hook this ball showed surprised me, especially coming from the Thunder Line. Love it!

Click here for Tina's Drill Sheet Specs for the Reign Of Power

Click here for a picture of Tina's Reign Of Power Drill Layout

Click here for Storm's Reign Of Power Website Page

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