Storm IQ Tour Ball Review
By Tina Marie Caouette

Before I get into the heart of my review please take a moment to look over my Drill Sheet as well as the picture of the layout. I use these sheets for my records. If you have any questions please feel free to post them below and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. Also, keep in mind that what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Please consult a qualified Pro Shop or Coach to help customize a layout for your game. Initial test was done on a typical house shot, however I did throw a few on a longer modified house shot as well and will additionally add my thoughts.

My personal specs:
Hand: Left
PAP: 4 ¾” over 1/8” up.
Speed: 18-19 MPH
Rev Rate: 325-350 (Tweener)
Dual Angle Drilling: 45 x 3 ¾” x 69

Are you looking for that benchmark ball for an assortment of conditions as well as playable for a range of styles? Well look no further! The IQ Tour comes from the Master Line. The C3 Centripetal Control Core has a similar shape to the original Centripetal Core but now incorporates a light weight block created with a different density which produces a lower differential. The IQ Tour revs up early yet has a very strong midlane roll. This symmetrical ball creates a nice shape down the lane and is very smooth as it transitions at the end of the pattern.

I love the Apple Crisp fragrance of the RS2 Cover Stock. This cover stock is a proven winner within the Storm Line. The IQ Tour factory finish is at 4000. Why is this so great? It allows so much flexibility in matching this ball to different styles as well as conditions. Something I will go into detail later.

The dual angle drillings are somewhat similar to the Reign of Power which I posted yesterday. However, the look and reactions are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I have always loved symmetrical balls as they offer, at least for me, the best opportunity to make subtle moves on tougher conditions. This ball truly helps take the over/under reaction out of certain conditions. We did punch out a weight hole to bring down the side weight. Unlike the Reign of Power which has thumb weight we got this to zero. The weight hole was close to the same size and the pitch identical however it was pushed further off my VAL line.

I used this ball first on a Typical House Shot (THS). The 4000 grit Abralon surface allowed me to go further left then I did with the Reign of Power. Although it revved up early it didn’t over shoot the pattern at the breakpoint. The other day I played with surface adjustments on this ball. I went down, as low as 500 Abralon. As the surface went down my line came in deeper without changing the shape down lane. Even when I really tugged the ball I found it would just sit and finish high flush. I find it hard to think of anyone that won’t be able to find this ball a plus in their bag.

The IQ Tour was the ball I used the other day at the SNBT tournament on the Modified Long House Shot. I was able to shoot right up the 5 board and the ball made a nice arc to the pocket. I feel, had I understood the reaction of this ball ahead of time, I would’ve dropped the surface down to 1000 or even 500 Abralon. This change in surface would’ve given me a tad more area down lane for recovering off marginal shots earlier in the day.

The more that I throw this ball the more I love it as a benchmark ball. My plan is to drill a few more with different angles and surfaces to get a range of looks for some of the tougher WTB and Kegel patterns. To watch this ball go thru the pocket, sucking the pins behind it like a vacuum is so much fun to watch. On a scale of 1 to 10 this ball for me is a 20.

Click here for Tina's Drill Sheet Specs for the IQ Tour

Click here for a picture of Tina's IQ Tour Drill Layout

Click here for Storm's IQ Tour Website Page

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