Steve Johnson   

Steve was born in Coventry, England, November 21st 1968, the youngest of four. He moved to a small mining town a few miles north of the city when he was a baby, and to this day still live there. His mom passed away after battling cancer when he was 15; his dad, who was a heavy drinker, passed away in 1993. In 1989 he met his wife and they bought their own place in 1991, and were married just a few weeks before his dad died. They had their first daughter in 1994, followed by another in 1996, and their son was born 1999.

At some point during 1998, he suddenly began to dream about his parents a lot, and the house and council estate where he lived as a child. These dreams were initially dismissed, but then he quickly realized, that not only was he dreaming about his mom and dad a lot, and the home and streets of his childhood; he was waking from these dreams the same time, every time. 2:22 am.

This happened numerous times: mom, dad, council estate, 2:22 am. He began to take notes of what was actually being seen in these dreams, and then, when 9/11 happened, it was clear the events of that day were exactly what he had been talking about. Apparently his dead parents had led him to the future.

Steve's dreams continued, his now so very profound life continued, and so in 2003 decided he was going to do something about it. He wanted to prove his ability. This led to him forming a relationships with a Surrey based, Eton educated film maker, an ITV news editor, a prominent BBC broadcaster, many other media types and then, crucially, Parapsychologist Stephen Mera, Bsc.

Steve Mera     

Stephen is founder of 'the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology', (SEP), he's also an author, lecturer, and has been involved with, and extensively studied the subject, of paranormal for over thirty years. The ethos of all investigation of claims of alleged innate abilities, carried out by SEP, is to find rational explanation and conclusion. Steve promised Mr. Mera, and warned him the rational explanation he so keenly strives for will not be found. It will not be found because it cannot be explained. Stephen Mera's list of credentials include:

•UK Consultant for PSI Applications U.S.
•Phenomena Magazine: Managing Editor
•Author of: A-Z of the Unknown / Strange Happenings & Paranormal Insight
•Founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology & MAPIT Chairman
•Associative Member: Unifaculty of London Forensic Parapsychology
•Member: Office of Parapsychological Studies
•TV & Radio Host, Freelance Journalist, Lecturer & Head Tutor of the British Investigators Training Course.

Steve agreed that he would send Stephen all alleged precognitive information through electronic email, to be date-time-stamped and logged, and therefore, confirming and proving his authenticity. Stephen Mera, Bsc. readily admits that he fully anticipated that Steve would 'drift off into the oblivion of deluded nonsense' which he's often faced with. He was in for a surprise...

It didn't take long for Stephen Mera to see exactly why Steve promised and warned him, that what he was taking on would blow his mind. To this day, Steve continues to mail The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology with precognitive information, which then happens. To this day, all of the aforementioned here are still very much involved with the man who originates from a council estate, and sees the future...

Stephen Mera quotes:

"If you look through Mr. Johnson's precognitive information you will quickly realize that little to no interpretation is required and in many cases, the information cannot refer to anything but the event that later took place. This simply demonstrates that his accuracy of predicting certain events in the future is much higher than those considered to be world renowned prophets, and yet, the general public take such information as factual, when in fact there is no supporting evidence to such claims."

Steve's thoughts:

​"The year of 2012 was a year where the 'Mayan Prophecies', and more specifically, the date December twenty first was the topic of much debate. Was there to be a cataclysmic, or apocalyptic event? Clearly not.

For me personally, the December date of doom meant nothing at all. Throughout the year of 2012 however, I continued to electronically email precognitive information to Parapsychologist, and SEP founder Stephen Mera. Stephen continued to be astounded by the accuracy contained within these mails, as events pertaining to came and went. I have written a book, about my personal year of 2012, with the sent 2012 emails contained within it. You will see what I see. You will see the events come and go as I do. You will be equally as astounded as Parapsychologist Stephen Mera Bsc., especially when you realise that the emails highlighted are date and time stamped, replicable and crucially, provable. I have lived with this ability for many years, and now, I'm going to share it with the world."


What would you do if you and you alone knew of a potential alien invasion that could destroy the Earth? Of a secret war waged among intelligent life forms, thought only in the imagination of Government conspiracies fanatics. Given a gift, rekindling the fire locked away in your DNA. Would you try to stop the invasion? What if you knew no one would believe you? Would you take it on your shoulders to save the world or quietly seek to go about your daily life without knowledge the end was near? Erica Jones, executive secretary, athlete and a friend to many will make such a choice. An ordinary woman, who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time, depending on your perception. A successful business-woman that had a close encounter with the truth that would eventually change her life, her beliefs, and the way she views life, death, and humanity. An innocent vacation to the tropical island of Maui and a chance meeting, or so she thought, with a man that would forever change her life. An intimate romance with a secretive Government Agent, which eventually turns to the fight for her life and everyone on this planet’s existence. Erica soon discovers that we are not alone on this planet and the enemy is closer than she thinks. A Far cry from the movies, these aliens have learned to use our way of life to their advantage. Their agenda, hidden beneath deception, secrecy, and lies extend to agencies far higher than that of the Presidency. Erica must throw away her own beliefs and put her trust into the hands of a lover, entities not of this world and secret agencies thought not to exist. Millenniums in the making, she alone, given this burden to carry, will try to tip the scales in this ongoing battle the rest of us will never know about−Until it's too late. A fiction book based on years of documented facts and files your Government doesn’t what you to know about, at least not yet.


Steve Johnson has made numerous predictions that have come true. Not only did Steve share what it is like to live in his world but the investigator Steve Mera who has been documenting this case also shared his insight into Steve's mind.

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