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Ross Marshall is an actor, writer, artists and Animator-Cartoonist. He was born in a little town in Texas called Bridge City. A little “po-dunk town” of red-necks and oil refineries: A real nice place for a born artist to grow up in. He began drawing in school in the art contests and found he was really good at it. He left for California to work in animation studios when he turned 19. He went to work in 1974 for Hanna Barbara Studios working on Dina Mutt, Jabber Jaws and other low budget Saturday morning Cartoon programs. He spent a year working under Ex-Disney Animator Chuck Harvey where he learn a lot. During is twenty years as an animator he worked on shows such as American Tail and Swan Princess before finally giving up animation altogether.

He soon joined forces in 1994 with Daryl Carstensen to form Plutonium Films Productions, INC. and began shooting Live Action Movies. They soon wrote up some low budget scripts like De-Liver-Me, Un-Natural Born Killer, Zombie Gangbangers, Attack of the Virgin Mummies and such. This gave him a chance to work with some really talented actors like Stephanie Beaton and Kit Natividad. He also worked on films like, The Think from Mars, Triumph of the Gods, and a few others. He is still acting, writing, drawing, storyboarding and creating Special Effect for his films.

Ross is also a musician and plays what he calls the Theremin. He is now forced into retirement and lives in Anacortes, Washington State, in a large motor home next to a rive. As he says, he can’t divorce himself from fishing. He now volunteers at the Antique Radio and Electronic Museum in Bellingham as an antique TV repair technician when he isn’t writing controversial books.


Everyone seems to be in the dark about other life in the universe. People ask many questions about alien life. Are humans the only intelligence in the universe? Are there other beings on other planets like us? Have advanced beings visited us in the past. Are super races from distant worlds watching planet earth? Are there Selenite’s hiding under the lunar surface? Are there any simple answers? Yes, there are simple answers. The subject of this book is the universe is sterile of life forms other than what is on planet earth and that earth is the unique center and origin of life, as we know it. That earth as the center of life makes perfect sense, just as it makes sense that the big bang is the center and single origin of matter. So far, life is exists only on earth, while no evidence of life exists beyond it.

Consequently, it is most probable that there is none elsewhere. People are tossing all sorts of inconclusive alien fictions into the arena, but until someone pulls some cosmic alien rabbit out of the outer space hat, the burden of proof will continue to rest upon the proponents of alien presence. So far, every claim to alien life forms has failed the test of science. There has not been one example of absolute conclusive proof presented since ET research began. The air is silent and the table is empty. p. 40-41. As you read this book and the succeeding volumes you will see the truth. Mr George Leonard titled his book, “Somebody Else Is on The Moon.” Is this statement true? Was somebody really else on the moon? Is somebody else on the moon right now? Are there alien artifacts, construction sites, machinery and garbage dumps on the moon? It seems that everyone researching and analysing lunar landscapes and archaeologically digging for extra-terrestrial devices is finding all kinds of junk! In the last thirty years, this cult of alien artifact hunting has grown to pandemic proportions! In this book we will not debate whether aliens really exist. This writer actually believes that “something” alien to us exists, but proof is lacking as to their physicality. What will be analyzed is whether what evidence we do have supports the theory that aliens have visited our solar system.

It is most probable that my readers have waffled through other alien artifact books supporting the alien presence. It is now time for alienomantic enthusiasts to hear the other side of the argument. Mr. Hoagland and Mr. Carlotto did a wonderful job in convincing the public of an alien presence on Mars. But no one was happy with the blurred pictures. It was not until later, after further Martian spacecraft photography that the Hoaglandite belief came tumbling down into a pile of rubble. The face was only a misinterpreted heap of rocks. But, this did not stop the con-game of pawning off the theory of E. T. intruders. As soon as the more recent Martian pictures came in, and quickly after the Mars face was debunked, thousands of new artifacts popped up. With the new LROC and the exposure of the moon to higher resolution photography, the public eye quickly shifted from lunar to Martian observations. But not with this writer. I soon realized that the redirecting of the public from lunar searches – since there was nothing to be found there, one could continue selling the gullible public the same belief system. As moon photography was to Leonard, Steckling, so the Martian photography is to us today. Now, it is believed by this writer, as the lunar pictures are to us today – sterile of any evidence of alien presence - so one day will be the Martian photography. Mars will be another study as the photographygets better. For now, let us see what the higher resolution LROC photography has revealed about aliens on the moon and what science has determined about interstellar space travel. The likelihood that aliens have visited us from another star system appears to be highly improbable. In the process of collecting data keep track of all the “zilches!” p.20-21. Take a polemical trip through cosmic artifact land with Ross Marshall as he analyzes the history and evidence of alien artifact hunters in "Is Anyone Else on the Moon?"

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“Stellar Sterility” is a scientific study of NASA materials concerning the existence of aliens in our solar system and universe. Most people have given up on the truth and resigned themselves to fables and fictions to sooth their pains and fears about life. Even half of NASA believes in E.T.’s. There is a deep feeling in each human being that we are short of the mark of saving our planet. Thus, the big lie that ALIENS from another solar system are here to save us. Some think they are here to control and use us. There are many theories. The truth is shown in STELLAR STERILITY that man IS ALONE and the only way off this planet is in a box! It also shows that there are NO alien artifacts on our planetary bodies either. It proves beyond a doubt that man is trapped on earth doing "time." Yes, the universe was created for us and us alone, but humans were never meant to inherit it as mortals. This book shows the reader that for man to colonize and inherit the universe he will have to be Immortal and Incorruptible. And, there is only ONE way we are going to do this and aliens aren’t it! Read why NASA says we may never leave our solar system! Read also why it is highly unlikely that any aliens have visited us. Maybe there aren’t any? Over 600+ pages of shocking scientific evidence and 100’s of pictures and illustrations.

A photographic study in Selenography (lunar geology), whereby an attempt is made to determine whether there is evidence for extraterrestrial activity of ET aliens and alien artifacts on the moon and Mars. Illustrated with hundreds of B&W NASA pictures! 483 pages.


If you ever wanted to hear an opposing view of why there are no aliens then listen to Ross Marshall in this episode. His books are very compeling and well written.

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