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Phyllis King has coached tens of thousands of people in 20 different countries. She is known for her practical and down to earth approach. She has been featured on CBS and NBC TV, radio programs across the country, and has been published in over 70 print and online publications. She has authored four books, including Bouncing Back, Thriving in Changing Times, with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Her latest book, The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom for Achieving Anything in Life is now available. Phyllis holds a B.A. in Sociology.

Phyllis offers a full range of personal, professional and spiritual support. From intuitive readings to individual and corporate coaching, to personal training programs. The Founder of the King Mastery Institute she trains and certifies others to become Life Coaches, Professional Mentors and Service Professionals. She helps individuals and business professionals expand their leadership skills, increase their income, and improve their level of personal satisfaction.

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The Energy of Abundance is a fresh, insightful, and often humorous view of life, spirituality, and the creative process. It explains in accessible language the "energy game," and how each of us can play it to invite more happiness, love, and abundance into our lives. Succinct and practical, this book reveals each person's unique and personal dance between spiritual truths and human desires. If you have ever wondered why the law of attraction hasn't worked for you, The Energy of Abundance will help you figure it out.

The Energy of Abundance clearly details how to bring a sense of calm to your chaos, a spirit of laugher (and even fun!) to your missteps, and an energy of renewal to your self and your life by reconnecting to your innate power source. It addresses all major aspects of life--from birth to death, marriage to money--and clearly explains how to shift outcomes, using captivating stories, laugh-out-loud humor, and poignant insights. You will learn how to:

•Connect to your abundant core
•Master the art of receiving
•Attain the prosperity you desire
•Connect with soulmate relationships
•Release beliefs that do not serve you
•Connect to your life purpose...and why you need to


What a fun and informative two hour show with Phyllis King author of The Energy of Abundance. Worth listening to a couple of times.

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