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My name is Phil Kava; I am an Independent Subtle Energy Researcher, Shen Ching Energy Worker, Reiki Practitioner, Presenter and Author. I have been researching and practicing subtle energy work for nearly 30 years; since the age of nineteen, when I discovered my grandfather was a faith healer in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania in the early 1900’s. I have also spent over ten years conducting subtle energy and energy medicine research with the late W.C. Levengood; biophysicist and inventor.

As well as being a Usui Ryoho Reiki practitioner; I have also developed my own style of “Shen Ching” subtle energy work.

What do I mean by Shen Ching? “Shen Ching” refers to: "activity-within-inactivity." Here, in the province of the true masters, the spirit moves without the physical body having to move. Internal energy is no longer a latent potential but in active abundance--a fully actualized dynamo. Mind and body are so well conditioned and atuned to natural laws that mind affects the form of energy at will. This is not a case of mind-over-matter, but rather the case of shen (psychic-spiritual awareness) and ching (potential, metabolic energy) "forming" and upholding reality. Thus the teaching of all masters throughout the ages is "Mind is All." At this level, "philosophy" is no longer subscribed to, but is rather created every moment through the direct experience of reality and universal laws.

What is Energy Healing?

I believe that energy healing is all about healing the energy body; because, I believe the energy body is what we truly are. I feel, if you heal the energy body the physical body will be allowed to heal more easily. But what is the energy body? What is the physical body? I believe quantum physics could describe "our physical bodies as: "an ever changing collection of Fermions and Bosons, vibrating within spin rates which allow us to conceive and participate in the 'material word'." Everything is Energy!

For the sake of simplicity I will describe the energy body as follows: The "Energy Body" as a combination of seven or more, Chakras, the 3 Dan Tian energy centers, and a complex system Qi energy channels or meridians that run throughout the physical body. The energy body is the embryo of your soul, and the physical body is a conscious manifestation of the energy body. So, I believe, if you heal the mind the soul, ie: the 'energy body', the "physical" body will follow. But you must always take good care of the physical body, live a healthy lifestyle. As above, so below.

The goal of energy healing is for the energy worker to use the power of their intent to direct “Universal / Source Energies”, or “Qi”, toward individuals, who request him to do so; with the intent for those energies to have the best possible outcome for the person receiving those energies. The goal is to find balance of mind, body, and soul.

I am not a "Healer"; I am an Energy Worker. The Healer is within You!

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Have you ever wondered who you are and why you’re here, have you ever pondered the existence of alien beings from distant worlds or other dimension? Are we being visited by these beings? Have you ever wondered what it would take to make something invisible? Have you ever thought it may be possible to heal your self, others, or the planet, with nothing more than a touch, a prayer, or a thought? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone, so please continue. Within the chapters of this book I present some stories of my journey toward enlightenment. I will discuss my views on some of the topics I have been researching for over thirty years. I will discuss everything from Consciousness, Energy Healing, Extraterrestrials, Multiple Dimensions, Subtle Energies, the Power of Intent, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Reality, Our Potential Future and much more. I hope the personal experiences I share and my views of reality, will help you to expand your understanding of what and who you really are, what you are capable of and how, together, we create our reality. I started to write this book in 2003and again in 2011. In January 2013 I saw, what appeared to be, a Grey Alien hovering over my wife, as we lied in bed. After that event I decided the time has come to finish this project. I am a long time ET experiencer, and I have some stories of life changing experiences I would like to share with you; in hopes that they may help you better understand this multidimensional reality; in which, we currently reside. Over the past fifteen years or longer I have had dozens, perhaps hundreds of daytime U.F.O. sighting; many of them with multiple witnesses. In fact, my multiple experiences with ET’s were interesting enough to grab the attention of a documentary film crew from the U.K. So, in April, 2013 I became a contributor to a U.F.O. Documentary; which is supposed to be part of a new television series on a major U.S. cable television network. Due to the legalities involved with the non-disclosure contract I signed; I can’t name the production company or the major U.S. cable network the show will air on, at this point in time. Allow me to explain why I agreed to tell my story to millions of television viewers around the world. I have lived a life of persistent and perpetual weirdness, and countless miracles. Since my early child hood I have had lucid flying dreams, out of body experiences, pre cognitive dreams, spirit guide or angelic contact, contact with extraterrestrial or multi-dimensional beings, multiple U.F.O. sightings and have witnessed apparition type miracles related to the Mother Mary. ‘In August, 1996 myself along with a couple of hundred other people witnessed a white concrete, life sized, statue of the Mother Mary, holding the baby Jesus; form dark pupils in the eyes and then the whole face smiled.’ Finally there is the previously mentioned, Grey hovering over my bed. This lifetime of strange events has kept me on the search for answers since these things began to occur to me. So, one of the reasons I agreed to contribute to the television program was, to try to help all of us find answers to some of these bazaar events which have occurred in my life. I am hoping that some of the details I shared with the investigators involved with T.V. program, will help U.F.O. investigators worldwide uncover more answers about extraterrestrial and inter dimensional beings. Edd came to my home for the filming of the T.V. show and met with the producers, he gave each one of them a personal demonstration of his abilities. Now here is the really cool thing. After careful observation of Edd physically moving people with the power of his mind from ten feet away; I figured out how he does it. What is even cooler than that is that I am going to tell you how it is done. I believe there is a good chance you will be able to do it. This is just one example of the answers I have in store for you.


This two hour show with Pablo was riveting. Besides his personal struggles to get to America his UFO experiences were just mind blowing. His book only covers a fraction of what he has encountered.

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