Paul Eno      

PAUL F. ENO has been called “the most intelligent voice in paranormal research today." He was one of the first paranormal investigators of the early 1970s, beginning while he was studying for the priesthood. His early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola S.J. (technical advisor for the film The Exorcist) and legendary, first-generation "ghost hunters" Ed & Lorraine Warren.

Paul graduated from two seminaries, but was expelled from a third because of his paranormal work with about a year to go before ordination. He ended up in a distinguished career as a newspaper and magazine reporter and editor. Today, he is an award-winning New England journalist and the author of seven books (two bestsellers, one state history that is used in several Rhode Island school districts, and two books that are already considered classics of paranormal literature), and holds a rare Ph.B in philosophy. He is considered one of the world's most eminent experts in the paranormal and spiritual fields.

Much in demand as a talk-show guest around the world, Paul has appeared multiple times on "Coast to Coast A.M." (30 million listeners) with Art Bell and George Noory. He has presented his interactive programs on the paranormal all over America and in Europe. He has appeared on the Travel, Discovery and History Channels, and his own radio show, “Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno” has racked up ratings with CBS Radio and local stations in New England, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Washington. A drive-time edition airs on 1240 AM in the Boston-Providence market. The show has an estimated 3 million listeners.

Paul’s unusually long experience in the field (nearly 45 years), his hair-raising adventures with famous hauntings, along with his utterly unique, riveting theories about the paranormal and its meaning for our understanding of the world and ourselves, draw capacity crowds wherever he speaks.

The Enos' unique "unified theory of the paranormal," and the thoroughness with which they handle investigations, have led to never-before-suspected connections between ghosts, cryptids and UFOs, and contact with other life-forms (friendly, hostile and indifferent) in their work within "the multiverse." Their audiences love their wit, their father-son dynamic, and are always moved by their compassion, their message of deathless hope, and the accounts of families they have helped.

Benjamin T. Eno   

BENJAMIN T. ENO is Paul’s 25-year-old son and understudy in the paranormal. Starting in radio at the age of 16, he became the youngest syndicated talk-show host in America. A graduate of Mt. St. Charles Academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Ben is a winner of the 2011 Bob Fish Memorial Scholarship from the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association. A 2014 graduate of Emerson College in Boston, he holds a bachelor's degree in sound design/audio post production. While studying in Boston, he was a popular radio personality on WERS-FM 88.9.

In 2005, at the age of 13, Ben began helping his dad on paranormal cases, and became the world’s youngest internationally recognized authority on the subject and an international lecturer in his own right. His unique gifts are different from his father's, and he brings unique and important dimensions to the team's paranormal adventures. Ben and his wife of one year live in Massachusetts.

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Find out why you shouldn’t look out your windows at night! Join father-son broadcasters and paranormal adventurers Paul & Ben Eno, along with the world’s greatest monster hunters, for a plunge into new realms of weirdness in these first-hand reports of encounters with unexplained creatures, some never before published. Prepare not only for new encounters with Bigfoot and Mothman, but brace yourself to meet things you couldn’t make up, like the Ear Eater of Jasper County, the Webb Lake Big Bird and the Van Meter Visitor. And the explanations? In this companion book to “Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong (Schiffer Books, 2016), you’ll find more reason than ever to realize: Everything You Know REALLY IS Wrong!


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