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"Pablo Betancourt was born poor in Havana, Cuba in 1958, the son of Raul Betancourt, a longshoreman and Lilia Gulian, a housewife. Revolutionary ardor and scholastic ability propelled Betancourt from one of Havana's meanest neighborhoods to a boarding school for special scholarship students. Later, his brains and militancy pointed him toward a coveted career in foreign trade at the University of Havana. But on the way his enthusiasm cooled. The more questions Betancourt asked as he rose higher on the educational ladder, the more the answers provided by his teachers were suspect. Instead of winding up with a job at the Cuban foreign trade ministry, Betancourt wound up spending five nights at sea on a homemade raft." - JOSE DE CORDOBA, MIAMI HERALD Staff Writter

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Born just months before Castro's Cuban revolution of 1959, Pablo Betancourt hailed from an impoverished Havana slum. Hard work and an indomitable spirit propelled him to win an academic scholarship from the University of Havana which would have lead to an enviable career in international trade at the Cuban Foreign Trade Ministry. But freedom's clarion call beckoned Pablo to embark upon a desperate journey at sea to reach the Florida shores. Set sail in a raft supported by two truck tire inner tubes Pablo braved the blistering sun, shark-infested waters, dehydration and a merciless sea, for five days and five harrowing nights. His literal odyssey at sea, and metaphysical journey through the travails of life, is a testament to the power of the human spirit and its relentless pursuit of freedom." - TAKASHI BUFFORD, Screenwriter (Set it Off, House Party 3, Booty Call, The Tiger Woods Story)


This two hour show with Pablo was riveting. Besides his personal struggles to get to America his UFO experiences were just mind blowing. His book only covers a fraction of what he has encountered.

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