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Nancy du Tertre, known as "The Skeptical Psychic," created as a forum for discussions and information about various types of communication with aliens, extraterrestrials, visitors, light beings, inter-dimensionals, hybrids, time travelers, off-world intelligences and other types of nonhumans.

Nancy's background makes her uniquely qualified to understand and analyze the various issues involved in what she calls "Exolinguistics" or the study of off-world languages. Not only is she lawyer, but she is a linguist (French, German and Thai languages) and also a trained psychic medium. She has also had several significant UFO sightings and apparent alien contact experiences. Unlike most people, Nancy is able to navigate the worlds of analysis and intuition with equal ease.

Nancy practiced securities litigation as an attorney in Manhattan for many years before becoming a trained psychic detective working with law enforcement, a medical intuitive, spiritual medium, paranormal investigator, ufology researcher, remote viewer trained in military-style CRV techniques, and host of her own CBS radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases." Nancy has also owned and operated several business including an award-winning newspaper, printing company, 242-bed skilled nursing home, and managed the U.S. operations of a family-owned porcelain manufacturing business in France. She was also a regular weekly guest on KAHI News Radio in Sacramento, CA, giving predictions on current affairs, and continues to give predictions on her website at

A frequent media guest, Nancy is a repeat guest on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory, and lectures around the country on topics including extraterrestrial communication, psychic mediumship, remote viewing and paranormal hauntings. A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, Nancy received an award for best thesis (French poetry/philosophy) An honors graduate of Pace Law School, Nancy was a published member of the Law Review (article on corporate greenmail practices), winner of Moot Court, and editor of the law school newspaper.

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In 1972, American astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek first coined the term "close encounter." He also identified three types of close encounters with UFOs. Since then, several more types of encounters have been proposed. A close encounter of the fourth kind is an alien abduction. A closer encounter of the fifth kind is voluntary, bilateral contact with an alien species.

We are no longer just looking at strange flying objects in the skies; now we are beginning to interact with the actual pilots, crew, and passengers!

Do aliens exist? In 2013, one poll showed that nearly half of all Americans (48 percent) believe UFOs may be a sign of extraterrestrial visitation; another found that 10 percent of Americans claim to have actually witnessed an actual UFO; and yet another showed that 2.9 million Americans believe they had actually been abducted by aliens.

If aliens exist and are visiting us, we need to talk!

Who will speak to them on behalf of planet Earth? Who can translate their intentions--good or evil--toward the human race? How can we learn about their advanced technologies? Can aliens speak human languages?

These and even more fascinating questions are all addressed in How to Talk to an Alien.


This was a great two hour interview. So many different topics covered in regards to Alien Communications I don't even know where to start. Guess you will just have to listen to the program.

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