Mike Pipher
Archivist Rod Serling Museum         

For the past 9 years I have been a volunteer at the Bundy Museum of History and Art in Binghamton N.Y. (Rod Serling's hometown)

My role as the volunteer Archivist for the Rod Serling Archive is to locate and secure new material for our Archive collection and Exhibit, catalog existing items, and to present several FREE programs each year.

The programs are called "IN THE ZONE", and each program has a specific theme. Our last In The Zone was "Rod Serling In Binghamton", presented on June 28th, the 40th anniversary of his death. Other programs were Rod's Time Travel Themes, his "War Themes" His Christmas Themes, and many more.

Our last FREE Rod Serling program was Saturday October 10th at 6 PM. It was called IN THE ZONE: Celebrating 56 years of the Twilight Zone. Guest speaker: Martin Grams, Jr Author of "The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door To a Television Classic"

• For the October 10th In The Zone program, the Rod Serling Exhibit was changed by rotating many of the Serling movie posters, lobby cards and stills, AP wire photos, Studio publicity photos, props, letters, documents and more.

• In 1971 I met Rod Serling at Binghamton's Broome Technical Community College where I was a student. Mr. Serling was on campus to speak and I was priviledged to talk with him for 20 minutes. As a fan of the Twilight Zone, after meeting Rod I decided to begin researching and collecting Rod Serling related material.

For more information on the Rod Serling and Bundy Museum please visit the website by clicking here


Rod Serling became a cultural icon of the 20th Century with his creation 'The Twilight Zone,' which more than 50 years later was nominated by the Writers Guild of America as the third best written television series of the past seventy years. Of the 156 Twilight Zone episodes, Serling wrote 92. In the early 1960s, Rod Serling, novelized nineteen (19) of his scripts and published them in three volumes - this is the first. In this volume, you will read about a baseball pitcher with magical powers; a self-centered hypochondriac; a nostalgic journey back to childhood; a self-righteous domineering husband getting his comeuppance; the panic of a man with no memory finding himself alone in an empty town; and the destructive combination of fear and mob mentality.


A fasinating show with Mike Pipher talking about the Rod Serling Museum. So many great little facts you may have never knew about the man made there way onto the show tonight.

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