Barry 'Bear' Gaunt
a.k.a. The KY TruthSeeker         

Barry “Bear” Gaunt, AKA the KY TruthSeeker, (as he is better known by many) has been researching the paranormal fields for over thirty years. Barry has always been a strong supporter of unity, sharing and working with others within the paranormal community. As an Independent Researcher he is highly respected by his peers, for his data based, scientific “boots on the ground” investigative skills and style.

He currently serves as the Managing Director of the renowned Night Stalkers Paranormal Research Team and is a fulltime volunteer at the historical and infamous haunted, Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, KY. He is also known as a Paranormal Lecturer, and has been featured on Radio, TV and in Newspaper Articles.

In Barry’s past he has been affiliated with MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network), and with many Paranormal Organizations. He served as a Member of the DOI team as MUFON Professional Standard Administrator, Assistant STAR Team Manager, KY MUFON Assistant State Director, Region 6 STAR Team Manager and severed as a STAR Investigator and before that as a S.I.P. STAR Team Investigator, Barry was promoted to STAR Team Manager but resigned from MUFON shortly after his promotion and has never to this day spoken publicity about why. For others Organizations he has served as Director of Research, KY State Director, and Senior Investigator Manager.

Well I guess this is where I get to tell you why I got involved in the paranormal fields in the first place. Truth is as far back as I can remember I started having paranormal experiences and they have never stopped to this day. Friends and family have always said if you want to see the freaky, strange and bizarre hang out with Bear for a day. I think sometimes I have a magnet in my pocket for the paranormal.

Being from the hills of West Virgina I heard tons of stories from the older folks about the weird goings on in their days and the old folklore of their time and I just could not get enough of it. I read everything I could find on the paranormal. In 1976 I had the pleasure to meet and interview the famed paranormal author Hans Holtzer and he invited me to tag along with him on an investigation and that started me on my quest. I have been very fortunate that my research in all paranormal fields has taken me to FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY, OH, IN, IL, WI, MI, PA, and WV and I have been blessed to have meet hundreds of fine people along the way all searching and seeking answers. I have had the pleasure to work with many organizations throughout the years, and have worked with many of the leaders in our paranormal communities, both past and present. Mostly I’m honored and it’s my true pleasure to work with my follow researchers and investigators at NightStalkers Paranormal Research™. We are all science minded but still have and keep an open mind, and we are kindred spirits, hoping to find the key to unlock the mysteries of the world we live in, and also answerer perhaps humanity’s oldest question.. What happens next?

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What would you do if you and you alone knew of a potential alien invasion that could destroy the Earth? Of a secret war waged among intelligent life forms, thought only in the imagination of Government conspiracies fanatics. Given a gift, rekindling the fire locked away in your DNA. Would you try to stop the invasion? What if you knew no one would believe you? Would you take it on your shoulders to save the world or quietly seek to go about your daily life without knowledge the end was near? Erica Jones, executive secretary, athlete and a friend to many will make such a choice. An ordinary woman, who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time, depending on your perception. A successful business-woman that had a close encounter with the truth that would eventually change her life, her beliefs, and the way she views life, death, and humanity. An innocent vacation to the tropical island of Maui and a chance meeting, or so she thought, with a man that would forever change her life. An intimate romance with a secretive Government Agent, which eventually turns to the fight for her life and everyone on this planet’s existence. Erica soon discovers that we are not alone on this planet and the enemy is closer than she thinks. A Far cry from the movies, these aliens have learned to use our way of life to their advantage. Their agenda, hidden beneath deception, secrecy, and lies extend to agencies far higher than that of the Presidency. Erica must throw away her own beliefs and put her trust into the hands of a lover, entities not of this world and secret agencies thought not to exist. Millenniums in the making, she alone, given this burden to carry, will try to tip the scales in this ongoing battle the rest of us will never know about−Until it's too late. A fiction book based on years of documented facts and files your Government doesn’t what you to know about, at least not yet.


The KY TruthSeeker joined me to talk about ghost, UFOs as well as some of the more recent cases he has been working on with NightStalkers Paranormal Research. Barry has been in the business for years so to hear his point of views on the subject was interesting.

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