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John Hanson is a retried West Midlands Police CID Officer who now lives in Alvechurch, Worcestershire with his co-authors these books Dawn Holloway. John was born in Didcot, Berkshire in 1945 and was previously skeptical of the existence of UFOs, but become very interested in conduction his own research after his son, Christopher – then a Police Constable, witnessed a UFO over the Birmingham suburbs in January of 1995.

John was shocked to find out just how prolific the UFO activity had been during the mid to latter part of the 20th Century, and that there was a vast difference between UFO annual statistics declassified by the Government pertaining to reported UFO activity and what had actually taken place. John felt these sighting reports should not be allowed to slip away into obscurity, as they formed part of our British social history.

John and Dawn met Gordon Creighton head of Flying Saucer review and showed him their files, he was sufficiently impressed to invite them to be Consultants for the Magazine which they still continue to regard as a privilege.

John met Dawn Holloway, born in 1954, during a lecture given at Redditch College, Worcestershire, in 1995, and she agreed to assist him with writing the books. Little did they realize that the actual publication of the books would not come to fruition for another 15 years! The couple approached a number of mainstream publishers and literary agents, hoping that they might be interested in publishing their work. This was done by the traditional method of submitting a synopsis and specimen chapters to a number of literary agents and mainstream publishers. Unfortunately the work was rejected on the grounds that books on British UFOs would not be financially viable, and the couple was advised that they needed to attract the American market.

They refused to give up and, through the assistance of BUFORA President Mr. Lionel Beer, were eventually introduced to Jonathan Downes, of CFZ Publications, based in Devon, who agreed to publish their work. Rather naively the couple thought the work would be completed in 4-6 Volumes! Unfortunately as the years slipped away, following publication of Volumes 1-6, the couple found the process of putting the books together - following a long journey from the Midlands to Devon, sometimes once or twice a month, at considerable expense, rather than using email - took its toll both on their finances and health.

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The Volume continues with further reports of UFO activity over Great Britain for the period 1987-1988. It also includes sightings for the period 1940-1962 that have taken place in the USA, Australia New Zealand and Tasmania. In addition to this the Book outlines the valuable commitment made by the researchers themselves and their efforts to preserve what forms part of our important social history rather than relying on other dubious sources of information.

Haunted Skies, Volume 9, 1981-1986, 450 pages some in colour! Foreword by Nick Redfern In this packed Volume, covering the period 1981-1986, the authors continue their ongoing diary of UFO activity, reported over England, and present further evidence obtained during painstaking research - now in its 20th year. The Volume embraces all manner of inexplicable events which continue to haunt the skies of the UK, whatever the period of history. It contains.... 1 - Another UFO sighting over RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk, the subject of considerable discussion given in the previous Volume. 2 - A report of a landed UFO from South Yorkshire, and sightings of strange objects over Kent, are outlined, along with references to the Swindon based UFO group, Probe, headed by Ian Mryzglod, who adopted a scientific approach to their investigations during a time when many believed the opposite! 3 - UFOs seen over Top Secret Civilian Defence bunkers at Birmingham, and Power Stations. 4 - Harrowing close encounters between UFOs and motorists are outlined. They include a report from three women, who were driving home along the A5 in rural Shropshire, when they encountered a UFO, a close encounter over the M50 Motorway, in Gloucestershire, a man out fishing in Aldershot approached by aliens, three women from Kentucky, USA, tell of their chilling experience, and a couple from Hampshire tell of their roadside encounter, which left the husband with some strange marks on his body. 5 - They include their own investigation into mysterious apports of stones, which occurred over a number of years at Birmingham, West Midlands, involving the Police, who staked out the locality in a bid to catch the offender. Falls of coins and stones in other parts of the world are also outlined. 6 - Although primarily covering British UFO sightings - wherever space permits (always in short supply) - the authors include other now forgotten worldwide cases of interest, which they believe should be brought to the attention of the reader. One such incident tells of a triangular UFO, seen over Arizona; another of a UFO sighted by a Russian astronaut. 7 - The authors cover in much detail a bizarre story, involving a man (known as David Daniels) who approached a number of prominent worldwide UFO researchers, during the early 1980s. He alleged he was from the Pleiades and claimed to be able to metamorphosis from a human body to reptilian. While it is difficult to believe rationally that this could be true, the authors tell of visits made to influential people such as the head of the MOD, and The Lord Hill- Norton! Fact is stranger than fiction! These vastly improved volumes now offer the reader the opportunity to see for themselves original documents and sightings not be found in any Government files, allowing the reader to form their own conclusions as to what lies behind the phenomena.


Two hours was not even close to enough time to go over all the information locked away in this guys head. If you are looking for a great set of books to add to your library then this is the set for you!

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