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Jenny Ashford is a horror writer, graphic designer, and barfly. Her books include three novels, Red Menace, Bellwether, and The Five Poisons; two short story collections, Hopeful Monsters and The Associated Villainies; a graphic novel, The Tenebrist; and two paranormal nonfiction books, The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist (with Tom Ross), and The Rochdale Poltergeist (with Steve Mera). Her short stories have also appeared in several anthologies, including The Nightmare Collective, History Is Dead, 2012AD, ChimeraWorld #3, and ChimeraWorld #4. Her horror blog,, contains writing news, short stories and articles, and her reviews and opinions on horror films and books.

Jenny's graphic design work can be seen in marketing materials for Van Gogh Vodka, promo materials for bands including Astari Nite, Ending the Vicious Cycle, Kids Without Heroes, and Sons of Ragnar, poster designs for Memento Mori at Independent Bar, Thee Grotto and Vengeance at the Haven in Orlando, and on the cover of The Young Atheist's Survival Guide by Hemant Mehta (aka The Friendly Atheist), among many other places. She runs several online stores selling products with her designs, as well as other products including horror-themed board games and playing cards.

She lives in Orlando with her sexy-ass boyfriend and the world's most beautiful kitty. Check her out online at, or read her horror blog at

For more information on Jenny, her book as well as her work check out her website by click here


“Up to that point, I was quite happy to be interested in the paranormal because I really hadn’t experienced much. Until I did. And then I was thinking, ‘Oh God, do I really want to continue with this?’” - Steve Mera BSc., Director of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology Steve Mera had been investigating paranormal phenomena for many years, and had never seen anything that shook him to his very foundations. All that changed in 1996, when he was called in with his team to look into the bizarre occurrences taking place at a small bungalow in Rochdale, Manchester, England. Flying objects, disembodied voices, phantom smells and sounds, and strangest of all, copious falls of water seemingly coming from nowhere plagued the Gardner family for nearly a year. What Steve experienced during the investigation was enough to make him question his entire career path, and remains one of only a handful of cases that he is completely unable to rationally explain. This account, written by horror author Jenny Ashford from interviews conducted with Steve about the case, is a bone-chilling foray into the paranormal that will make even the most ardent skeptic sleep with the lights on.


Great show with Jenny and Steve on this Rochdale Poltergeist. Don't forget to swing by Amazon and pick up this book as well as other by these two great writers.

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