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Gary was born in 1960 in Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire. He served in the RAF Police 1983-1989 before spending an almost 24-year career in the British Transport Police (1989-2013). He was a Home Office trained Detective Constable for 18 years working on all manner of enquiries including murder, manslaughter, and rape. He was also an advanced police interviewer of witnesses and suspects. This career put him directly in contact with many high profile cases such as the London Bombings were as an enquiry was a specialist interviewer of first responding police officers.

In January 2002 whilst still a serving police officer he launched an unofficial national database for police officers reporting UFO sightings in the UK. ( Following the sudden death of UFO Magazine editor Graham Birdsall he launched his own online e-zine called UFO Monthly, which ran for 41 issues between 2004-2007. He then spent 12 months as the co-editor of UFO Data Magazine (2008).

In 2010, Gary was presented with the PRG Disclosure Award in Washington DC by Steve Bassett and in 2012 was given the Exopolitics Great Britain award. Having examined the best evidence he concluded on a circumstantial evidence basis that some UFO sightings, i.e. 3% point to an extraterrestrial presence in our airspace.

In March 2013, Gary retired from the police to launch UFO Truth Magazine. The first issue was release in June 2014 and is a 96 page bi monthly e-zine featuring many of the world’s leading researchers ( Some of the contributors to this e-zine are considered the best of the best in Ufology; i.e. Richard Dolan (US), AJ Gevaerd (Brazil), Steve Bassett (US), Robert Hastings (US), Grant Cameron (Can), Bill Chalker (A), Mary Rodwell (A), Peter Robbins (US), Bernard Thouanel (France), Suzanne Hansen (NZ), Tim Good (UK) and Robert Salas (US) to name a few.

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