Erica Goetsch         

Erica is an Extraterrestrial Contactee, a State Director for International Community for Alien Research (ICAR), author of "Beyond the Fear (the alien equation)" and returning host at UPRN TalkRadio.

Erica has had hours of missing time, interaction with reptilian and grey extraterrestrials as well as being part of a mass UFO sighting with multiple witnesses. She has seen a hybrid child as well as given a complex, extremely layered equation along with a message.

Her life has been filled with extraordinary things and it is a privilege to have her share her story and research as well the stories of others on Restricted Airspace.

To learn more about Erica Goetsch please visit her blog by clicking here


Beyond the Fear (The Alien Equation)- is written about her lifelong contact involving 3 types of beings (most probably) short and tall grays, and a blue/possibly hybrid/reptilian race. At first the alien message given to her seems very simple, but in actuality it is far more complex. The message was telepathically given as this: "We are taking care of you like a mother to a child. Tell the world that humans need to get beyond the fear to experience THE love. To take their rightful place in the galactic family." After meeting her hybrid child, she is then told that she has been working with the beings all of her life. She also has been given a multi-layered equation that has yet to be fully understood, and will be revealed with the help of someone else.


Erica Goetsch joined me for two hours talking about her new book as well as her ET life-long experiences. Check out Erica's book as she is just about giving it away.

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