Byron Lacy   

Byron W. Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950. He is a fourth generation Texan and a fourth generation abductee. Byron’s great grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850’s. George and two of his business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas State Capitol. He also started a dog breed which is now called the Blue Lacy and is the state dog of Texas.

Byron started writing poetry while in high school and received great encouragement from his teachers. His first poem was published in a small literary magazine before he turned twenty-one. Byron has had many poems published in literary magazines. In 1976, Byron received a B.S in English. In 1977, he received a M.A. in Graphic Art and in 1978, a M.F.A. in Graphic Art. Byron has had paintings and sculptures in museums all over the United States.

Byron has worked as a summer camp director, a short order cook, carpenter, plumber, electrician, English and Art teacher, freelance artist, Eligibility Specialist for Texas Department of Human Services, and an Investigator of child abuse and neglect allegations for Texas Child Protective Services.

Byron now lives in Nacogdoches, Texas where he spends his time writing, creating sculptures and paintings, studying psychology, metaphysics, researching his and others, alien abductions, and trying to help them gain perspective of to cope with these phenomena in their lives.

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Can you imagine the helplessness and fear that a five-year-old would feel when he's first visited by extraterrestrials? How about the look on his parents' faces when he confesses his alien encounter?

Chosen: Chronicles of an Alien Abductee is Byron W. Lacy's firsthand account of what modern science insists is only folklore.

The first encounters come when he is young—with "little men" entering the room as he hugs his teddy bear. They masquerade as cartoon characters to ease his concern, a dancing Captain Hook—minus the hook—joining his comrades. Future visits lead to psychic connections with his visitors.

Admitting such encounters takes courage, especially when similar comments by a family member placed her in a mental hospital. But Lacy lays it all out on the table as he details what it's like to be an alien abductee.

Chosen: Chronicle of an Alien Abductee isn't just for the disbelievers. It's a free discussion of Lacy’s experience—one meant to encourage other abductees through their own moments of skepticism both from others and within.

Discover the truth, and let it set you free.


I love whenever I get a chance to talk to fellow contactees. Very interesting conversation with Bryon about his abduction experiences with the Greys and with the Mantis begins.

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