Brunswick Ringer Burgundy Pearl Ball Review
By Tina Marie Caouette

Before I get into the heart of my review please take a moment to look over my Drill Sheet as well as the picture of the layout. I use these sheets for my records. If you have any questions please feel free to post them below and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. Also, keep in mind that what works for me may not necessarily work for you. Please consult a qualified Pro Shop or Coach to help customize a layout for your game. Initial test was done on a typical house shot, however I did throw a few on a longer modified house shot as well and will additionally add my thoughts.

My personal specs:
Hand: Left
PAP: 4 ¾” over 1/8” up.
Speed: 18-19 MPH
Rev Rate: 325-350 (Tweener)
Dual Angle Drilling: 50 x 3 3/8 x 50

This was the first Brunswick Affordable Performance ball I’ve drilled which was to compliment the Aura I previously drilled (see review). I was looking for something to be equivalent to the Storm Super Natural or Tropical Storm. I have to say I found this ball to be very aggressive for a supposed low-end ball, but that I am finding is the nature of the Brunswick equipment, one of the many reasons why I switched months ago to this company.

The theory behind the Brunswick Ringer Medium RG Symmetric was to promote skid through the front part of the lane while maintaining a dependable steadiness in the mid-lane but still allowing for a strong backend flip. I will say that the ball is very smooth through the front allowing me to play up the outer boards even on a typical house shot. I will also mention the CPT Reactive Coverstock compliments this ball very well and allows the ball not to be so sensitive to the over/under you see in most walled house shots. Normally a Pearl can be touchy in oil as well as in the dry but this ball is very smooth even when crossing the higher ratio oil patterns. I truly figured with my ball speed I wasn’t going to get as much hook out of this ball but was surprised at the strong roll off the end of the pattern.

Now let me go into why I made the switch to Brunswick from Storm. My ball speed tends to be high which naturally allows me to get the ball through the front part of the lane very easily. However, it doesn’t allow the ball to read the break point on longer or heavier patterns. The Brunswick cover stocks and cores I have found tend to rev up earlier, almost three feet earlier, yet still have a very strong continuous motion through the pins without burning energy to early. Now take a ball the retains energy down lane, yet allows you to keep that speed and the increased pin carry into the pocket is just, well, AWESOME!

When I bowled years ago, my ball of choice was the Tropical Storm. As I grew up on wood it allowed me to move my feet left (being left-handed) and play more down the boards. With the increase in technology, I was finding balls like this were becoming harder to come by. Yeah you could go to a weaker ball but it lacked the hitting power, especially if there was the slightest bit of oil up front. From the moment I threw this ball I knew it was going to be my go to house shot ball as well as lighter volume as well as even wood lane ball.

On a typical house-shot, this ball allowed me to play up the five board with my ball speed and as the shot broke down, I could move in to around 10. Slower ball speeds or higher rev players with find this ball to be a great house shot ball. You can’t beat the price for what you get. If you are looking for more length and a stronger angular respond off the pattern, you might want to drill the Platinum Pearl instead.

Now for all that technically stuff! This was a 2” pin so we adjusted the numbers slightly from what I was thinking. Overall, we settled for a dual angel drilling of 50 x 3 3/8” x 50. I was looking for a similar layout to my Hyroad (see that review) as it was my ball of choice for most house shots. The ball has 3/4” side and a 1/8” thumb weight. I tested the ball before drilling a weight hole to see which quadrant we wanted the hole. Now keep in mind my PAP is 4 ¾” over and a 1/8” up. We opted for the hole on the PAP/VAL with a 51/64 drill at a depth of 2”. It did help smooth the transition down the lane slightly without a loss in momentum.

I will say those with lower ball speeds or high revs will find this ball could easily be their ball for a medium oil or longer with lighter volume. I found on the left side of the lane I could start with this ball on most house or shorter/low volume patterns. However, once the shot started to go and I had to chase it inside more than seven boards I began to lose the carry, but that is due in most part to my elevated ball speed. Now on the right side I think the righties will find this ball might be a good start as well as a ball later on into the night/day when the shot has evaporated. It does get through the front of the lane very clean without loss of energy and the transfer down lane with the top and bottom offsetting flip blocks makes for a very strong motion to the pocket. Again, for the price this would make for a great starter ball or a ball for those who need a strong ball that is going to clear the heads smoothly. Don’t let the concept of it being a Pearl fool you. This is one strong ball off the end of the pattern.

I can honestly say having not thrown Brunswick in a while I am still getting up to speed on all their equipment old and new but this is a great ball to compliment my Aura (see review). For me once I lose the carry with the Ringer on a shot I just grab the Aura and start where I finished with the Ringer and I’m back carrying again. You still need something from the High Performance Line in between these two balls for the slightly tougher conditions but this along with Aura or even the Mastermind Genius would make for a great start to your new Brunswick line.

Click here for Tina's Drill Sheet Specs for the Ringer Burgundy Pearl

Click here for a picture of Tina's Ringer Burgundy Pearl Drill Layout

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