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The year is 1997, mid-July, when our family of three bought ten wooded acres with a small house just three miles south of a tiny village called Lindsey. Our daughter, Amanda, would turn four in September. This was the start of all our dreams coming true. Living in the woods, with wildlife in our back yard and plenty of space to roam. We were born county folk, and that would never change.

I was a stay-at-home mom who offered maid service for retired doctors and seniors part-time. I began home-educating our daughter when she entered second grade. We had plenty to occupy our days, and life was moving along at a steady pace.

By mid-October, 2004, the normalcy of our everyday lives was interrupted by something I never thought about, or had any reason to believe would happen to us. Amanda had just turned eleven, about a month before, she was with me to see the first of a dozen strange sightings of unidentified lights near our home.

And so began, our family's four year life-changing experience, with constant research into this wild phenomenon, to help us identify the mysterious Lindsey lights. Which ultimately resulted in the writing and publishing of my book, seeking answers. And my research continues to this day.

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In 1997, Betty May Ockerl moved with her husband and daughter to a small home on ten acres of wooded land near Lindsey, Wisconsin. She was comfortable in her surroundings, but in 2004, she and her daughter began seeing strange lights in the skies.

The lights appeared in different sizes and degrees of brightness above the tree line and formed shapes similar to those described in UFO literature. She consulted with neighbors and friends who had also seen these lights and went to great lengths to consult experts on the topic.

In this brave and detailed account of her experiences, Ms. Ockerl boldly asks the question: What is behind the mysterious Lindsey lights, and why do they still remain unexplained?


Betty May Ockerl joined me to talk about the strange lights and experiences that her and her family experienced in 1997 in a small wooded area of Lindsey, Wisconsin.

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